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Ripple is not only a cryptocurrency. It is a part of worldwide network, whose goal is to enable faster and cheaper international money transfers, than traditional banks do. Ripple transfers tak no more than a couple of seconds.

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Market capitalization:
18.38 mld. USD 
Total market value of all currency units in circulation.
Represents currency's strength and success.
1 XRP = 0.28 EUR
20,- EUR

Ripple is a network for worldwide financial transactions in real-time. It is primarily a tool for the banks, governments and companies. Ripple's aim is to enable 'secure, fast and very cheap money transfers over the whole globe', and compete the state-of-the-art inflexible international money transfers. It is a very ambitious project, with very much attention globally, not only in the banking sector.

Ripple as a cryptocurrency (XRP) is just a 'byproduct' of the Ripple network. Globally there are around 100 billion Ripples and more than 60% of them are owned by the company, that created and runs the project. Ripples, unlike for example Bitcoins, cannot be mined, and their amount is exactly known in advance and will not grow.

Ripple is gradually evolving into a more and more favored digital payment infrastructure for the financial sector. Over the last months, Ripple has gained dozens of new partners from the international banking sector, and is already partnering big multinational banks like Bank of America, RBC či UBS.

Unlike with Bitcoin, the transactions in Ripple are settled based on consensus. One of the advantages, that Ripple has over Bitcoin thanks to this, is its speed. The mechanism of consensus actually enables to perform transaction within seconds - as opposed to Bitcoin transfers, which tak many minutes.

The Ripple network has been created in 2012 and since than has gone through massive evolution. By supporting tokens, which can transfer over the Ripple network not only XRP, but any other currency, including 'fiat', Ripple has become protocol, which starts being implemented by world's biggest banking houses. Its development is supported by huge amounts of money and its clearing tools and distribution network is being used as underlying technology for more and more international bank networks.

We are quite certain, we are going to hear about Ripple quite a lot in the future and it pays off to watch it closely and possibly invest in it.

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