Ethereum of The East. Top-class project based in China, which goes far beyond being 'mere' cryptocurrency. A platform for the 'internet of new era'. Smart contracts and decentralized applications. NEO came second after Ethereum, but the faster it learns and grows.

Price chart NEO (NEO)


Market capitalization:
1.07 mld. USD 
Total market value of all currency units in circulation.
Represents currency's strength and success.
1 NEO = 6.21 EUR
25,- EUR

NEO is not 'just the other smart contract platform after Ethereum', or Ethereum's copy, as it could look like at the first sight, just because it uses similar tools and principals. This is a distinctive self-contained project, based on its own foundations.

NEO has it all that Ethereum has - its own kind of blockchain, smart contracts, digital identity, tools for digital assets management. What is the difference then? Ethereum is trying to react to the current market needs and prepare tools for digital applications. NEO's goal is to become a platform for the 'new smart economy', it tries to create the tools for future needs - compared to Ethereum it is looking more into the future in its strategy, than Ethereum.

Another NEO's distinctive characteristics is that they try to comply with both the current and future expected government regulations. This is clearly very useful not only in China itself, but will be probably very useful soon also in the rest of the world.

Another difference is that NEO's blockchain operations (and payments for the miners) are NOT based on the 'proof of work' concept (which also Bitcoin and Ethereum are based on), but on a special modification of 'proof of stake' algorithm, which isn't as decentralized (the amount of confirming subjects is smaller), but in reward for that the speed of the whole network is many times faster. Where Ethereum can perform roughly small dozens of transactions per second, NEO can do thousands per second.

Behind the NEO project itself, there is whole 'ecosystem' of companies and a big amount of partnerships, including for example Chinese Microsoft.

NEO is younger than Ethereum, but it has managed to become its strong competitor and has a good chance to beat it at least at the Eastern hemisphere, if not even further.

And one nice bonus for the end: holding of NEO results in automatic payment of 'dividend' in the form of tokens called GAS (together with NEO itself, GAS fuels running of the network), which are actually a separate cryptocurrency tradable on public exchanges. By holding NEO, you can earn around 10% of yearly profit this way (regardless of the NEO exchange rate growth).

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