IOTA stands for 'Internet of Things', a widely discussed phenomenon these days. IOTA's goal is to prepare technologies necessary for the coming era, when besides several billions people, dozens/hundreds of 'things' (devices) will be connected to the internet.



Market capitalization:
2.66 mld. USD 
Total market value of all currency units in circulation.
Represents currency's strength and success.
1 MIOTA = 0.23 EUR
20,- EUR

IOTA is based on principle of a network similar to blockchain, called 'The Tangle'. The way Tangle works differs from blockchains namely in the fact, that there are no transaction fees in the network and the whole network is designed for the purpose of hugest possible throughput and speed - processing of transactions is done in parallell, unlike on blockchains (i.e. unlimited amount of transactions can be processed simultaneously). There are no 'miners' here, the transactions are confirmed by the connected nodes (devices) themselves. Everyone, who wants to send a transaction, needs to confirm two other transactions. Thus, the more devices and/or users the network has, the bigger its speed. This concept is a real game changer and no other cryptocurrency can probably compete IOTA in terms of speed and scalability.

The amount of existing tokens (coins) of IOTA is given from the beginning and will not change in any way.

A non-profit organisation, located in Germany, has been created to take care of running the whole project.

The project can show off dozens of top-notch partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Volkswagen, Bosch, Huawei, Samsung and others. Among interesting practical uses of IOTA are for example so called 'Smart Cities' (e.g. Haarlem (Holand) or TaiPei (Taiwan)), which are planning to give out their citizens personal IDs based on IOTA Tangle technology.

Please note, that IOTA is a relatively young cryptocurrency and its support in the applications is relatively low. Working with IOTA is thus a little bit more complicated then with the other cryptocurrencies in our e-shop. Make sure to go through the frequently asked questions before you make your purchase.

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