If you are a brand new happy owner of cryptocurrency coins (possibly bought in our e-shop) and want to start working with them - make transfers to other wallets, move funds to Trezor or sell them etc. - then you need to have an application for connecting to the given cryptocurrency's blockchain. You have basically three possibilities:

  1. install a native desktop client for given currency on your PC/Mac
  2. install a mobile app for crypto wallet(s) management on your mobile
  3. create an account with some of the on-line services for working with given currency

In any case, you will have to import your private key into the app, in order to move your funds out of your wallet. Note, that most apps create their own wallet (public+private key combination) and only some of the applications on the market enable you to import your own private key! Therefore, you should look for an app having this function - it is usually called something like "import private key", "import seed", "import wallet", "sweep wallet" and alike. All the apps in our list to the right of this text have this function. A more detailed explanation on how to do it in every single app is well out of scope of this web, but you can try to ask the community in our forum, they are usually keen to help others.

Remember that whatever above option you choose, you are always going to use software written by "some third party", which is dangerous, since you have no idea who they are and how trustworthy they are, and we are dealing with very precious coins, right? The most trustworthy are usually native clients, which are open-sourced, and their code is usually checked by the community, but they are harder to use for most people. Still, you should be careful about your choice, especially if you put larger amount of funds into crypto.

So is there a secure way to do it?

Here is a good security measure you are strongly encouraged to follow: choose any app you like, but once you enter your private key to the app, you should consider your private key compromised and should always immediately transfer all your remaining funds to another, safe address (where you are the only person that has ever seen and possessed the private key), after you perform the intended operation.

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