Frequently asked questions

When will my order be processed?

In case you have chosen "assign me a wallet", we will transfer you the purchased cryptocurrency relatively quickly - usually within a couple of hours. Afterwards, we are waiting for your payment. The bank transfers take usually 1-2 working days, which is also the time period, when we will be able to keep the exchange rate from the moment or your order. Only after your payment reaches our account and the payment reference and other payment's properties are OK (amount, recipient note), we can send you your private key. If you ordered into your own wallet, we wait for the payment first, and then transfer the cryptocurrency to your wallet.

Please, do not contact us with this questions earlier then after 2 working days from sending your payment - the processing of orders would only be slowed down by such questions.

In case you find out, that you have forgotten to give correct payment reference, you forgot to fill the recipient note or you gave us wrong address for sending your cryptocurrency, write us as soon as possible, so that we have time to react. In case you fail to address us soon enough, we will return incorrect payments back to the sender, and cryptocurrency will be delivered to the address given in the order.

Can I use the service from countries outside EU (SEPA zone)?

Yes, you can pay basically from any country in the world, if you use the following payment instructions:

  • payment method: SWIFT
  • IBAN: GB70 REVO 0099 6918 3269 50
  • currency: EUR only
  • recipient
    • name: Lomeka, s.r.o.
    • street: Rybna 716/24
    • town: Prague 1
    • zip code: 110 00
    • country: Czech republic
  • receiving bank
    • name: Revolut
  • intermediary bank
I have a problem downloading the private key - what can I do?

First of all, make sure you enter the correct password. It's the password that you selected when ordering.

If the system says, your password is incorrect, follow the steps on the displayed webpage.

If the system says, there was an error and you should contact us, that is probably because you have downloaded (or tried to download) the key already before. For security reasong, we only allow the private key to be downloaded once. If you try to download and fail (failure to finish the download, you cannot find the key after downloading etc.), do not despair and try to contact us following the displayed instructions, we can solve your problem individually.

Do now try to download the key on your mobile - you may fail to find it afterwards. Anyway, the key is supposed to be printed after downloading (it comes as an PDF file), which is probably not to be done from smartphone.

In case you need the key in plaintext form, suitable for copy-paste into another application, just look carefully at the page that is displayed after download - the key can be displayed easily and copied for usage elsewhere.

How can I actually use my cryptocurrency? Where is it?

In case you just want to hold your cryptocurrency (without making any transfers right now), you do not need to do anything at all. The currency is already where it should be and it is safe. Just print out your downloaded key and delete it from your computer.

Your currency is neither on our servers, nor in your mobile, nor in your Trezor / Ledger, nor on servers of, or any other provider. You currency is safely stored "on the blockchain" - not controlled by anyone, nor us (we delete your private key after you download it). It is on the blockchain, distributed safely accross thousands computers over the whole globe, so nobody can tamper with it - only you, once you have the private key. All cryptocurrencies reside on the blockchain. You do not need to use any third party service once you have your wallet with balance on blockchain. That is the very essence of cryptocurrencies - you do not need to rely on any middlemen, the currency is yours, once you are the only one who has the private key.

Your wallet's address enables you to see anytime, what is your wallet's balance, and you can also pass it to other persons, so that they send you more funds there. Your wallet's private key on the other hand enables you to "unlock" your wallet and send your funds elsewhere. The private key should always stay private, so you should never, under any circumstances, send it to other persons or enter it into any apps or webforms - it is like you gave them your wallet for good. The only case when you can use your private key safely is when you want to move your funds out of your wallet (this is secure only because after this operation there should never be any balance left in your wallet - otherwise, it would not be safe).

Always make sure you keep your private key hidden well without risking losing it - once you lose your private key, your funds are lost for good, not even we can help you, as we delete the key soon after you download it. The best way is to print the private key multiple times and hide each copy on a different, secure place. It is not secure to keep your private key in your computer (computer can break, can be attacked by virus etc.)

Once you are ready to sell your currency or move it out of your wallet, you first need to find a suitable application (desktop, mobile or online), and you need to "import the key" into the app. For further help, see the page How to work with the cryptocurrency on our web.

How can I sell my cryptocurrency?

Currently, we do not buy the currencies back from customers - we work as e-shop, so we sell only. This could change in future, but we cannot promise any deadlines at this moment.

Nevertheless, you can easily sell your cryptocurrencies on many other places - at exchanges (Coinbase, Bitstamp, Binance, and dozens others), exchange offices (in Czech for example Simplecoin, Easycoin), at marketplaces ( etc.

Can I move my funds to Coinbase,,, ... ?

We do not recommend you to keep your funds for longer periods of time in wallets, created on exchanges or in on-line services. From the security point of view, the best option is to move your funds to a wallet, where you are in control of your private key. This is mostly the case of official desktop clients (applications you install to your desktop PC), hardware wallets or paper wallets. Hardware wallets and paper wallet are preferable to the computer, because computers can be attacked by viruses, or they can break - which will happen neither to a hardware wallet nor to a paper wallet. For more information, see how to work with cryptocurrency.

This is the reason, why our e-shop provides wallets suitable for "cold storage" - e.g. suitable to be printed and stored offline in form of paper wallets.

This being said, of course it is possible to move your funds from the address you get from us, to any other wallet you receive or generate elsewhere. Just follow the instructions in how to work with cryptocurrency and use your private key to move your funds.

How can I move my funds to Trezor (or Ledger Nano S)?

First make sure, that Trezor (or Ledger) supports the cryptocurrency of your choice. If yes, try to find your wallet public address for the currency. Once you know the address, use one of the applications listed here, import your private key you got from us, and move the funds.

Even better is to get the Trezor/Ledger wallet address first, before you place the order, and then upon ordering choose "I have mine (wallet)" and enter your Trezor/Ledger wallet's address. Then you will not have to make any transfers afterwards, the purchased currency will come directly to the address of your hardware wallet.

How can I move my Ripples to another wallet?

You have several options. You can download the official client, import your private key and send your payment via the client.

In case you cannot install anythig on your computer, or in case you are a little bit advanced computer user, you can try the "minimalist Ripple client". It doesn't really look very user-friendly, but works reliably. Enter your private key into the field "secret" and then try "set identity". After that, a little bit lower on the page, in the section "Send payment", you enter the address where you want your Ripples to be sent toin the "destination" field, check the "direct xrp->xrp", enter "amount" a push "send". The funds should be transferred immediately.

Plese note, that from the very moment when you enter your private key into an on-line application, you should consider your key compromised and move your funds elsewhere immediately. You should not use the compromised wallet anymore as the funds could be stolen from you!

Also note that in the Ripple network, there is the rule, that in every wallet, there has to be at least 20 XRP left - so the last 20 XRP will stay in the wallet forever and can never be moved to another address (wallet).

How can I move my Litecoins to another wallet?

We recommend downloading and installing Electrum-ltc, then in the menu choose "Wallet -> Private key -> Import. Then you enter your private key of the wallet, you want to be emptied (and transferred elsewhere). After successfull import of the private key, you should see your wallet's LTC balance soon. Then you justs choose "Send", enter the recipient wallet address, and click Max (thus sending all the wallets funds to the other wallet) and then "Send". After that, you just check that the LTC has moved to the new wallet and you're all set, you can throw the old key away and never use it again.

By the way, this app enables you to create a new wallet completely off-line, so that you can print the private key, thus having a paper wallet and the best security possible (which will be true in case you do this on an off-line computer and delete the wallet afterwards.

How can I transfer my Ethereum (or Ethereum classic) to another wallet?

We recommend on-line "My Ether Wallet" as a simple and verified option. In case of Ethereum classic, first choose one of the Ethereum classic networks from the top right menu, in case of Ethereum don't worry, it's chosen by default. Then, in the top menu you choose "Send Ether & Tokens" and then "Private key". Enter you private key a push "Unlock". Then you can enter public address of the recipient (To Address), amount (Amount to Send), generate the transaction (push "Generate Transaction") and confirm the transaction by pushing "Send Transaction". In a couple of minutes, the funds will be transferred.

Plese note, that from the very moment when you enter your private key into an on-line application, you should consider your key compromised and move your funds elsewhere immediately. You should not use the compromised wallet anymore as the funds could be stolen from you!

How can I transfer my Dash to another wallet?

You can try to download the following app into your smartphone:

In the main menu, choose "Load paper wallet" and read the QR code with your private key. Beware: at the very moment all the funds from your wallet will be automatically transferred to a new wallet, which was generated by the app. Do not keep the funds there - just use the "Send" method to send your funds to another DASH wallet, where you are the only master of the private key.

What's the difference between IOTA seed and private keys of other cryptocurrencies?

With most cryptocurrencies, there is just one address derived from the private key. In case of IOTA, it is different: from the seed (IOTA's key is called the "seed") you can derive any number of addresses, that can be "unlocked" (accessed) with the help of the key (this is similar to Bitcoin's HD wallets). To any such address, you can have funds tranferred and you will see all such balances together in your wallet belonging to the seed. Applications for working with IOTA will enable you to generate more and more public addresses. The knowledge of your seed will enable you anytime to access all these addresses again. So anytime you install a new IOTA app (e.g. on a new coputer, new smartphone etc., you just enter the seed, and all your addresses and their funds will appear there. Whoever knows the seed, can work with all the addresses, derived from the seed. Therefore we can say, the seed is an analogy to the private key, as known from other cryptocurrencies (see next question for more on this).

Why should I not re-use a IOTA public address?

You should only transfer funds FROM a single IOTA public address once!. As soon as you make an outgoing transaction, the addresses protection from theft (by brute force attack) is weakened, and this is true for any other outgoing transaction you make from a single address. So you can make any number of incoming transactions to an address, but should not make more than one outgoing transaction (if you need to move smaller amount than the addresses balance is, you send the remainder to another of your addresses. However, you don't have to worry too much about this, as this is for the most part handled by the IOTA apps.

A little bit more detail on this: there is actually a "private key" behind every single public address generated with your seed. For normal work with the currency, you do not need to know this and you can treat the seed as the private key. But for more detailed explanation of why you should not make more transfers from an address than one, you need to understand the difference between IOTA seed and private keys of the generated addresses. The problem here is, that with every outgoing transaction written to The Tangle (which is the public ledger with IOTA transactions, thus an analogy to other currencies' blockchains), a part of the addresse's private key is stored inside of the transaction data. The more times you repeat this (sending money out of an address), the bigger part of your addresse's private key is publically revealed, thus weakening the private key's resistance to "brute force attacks".

What is the customer ID, seen in email footers, good for?

You can use it for getting discounts. If you enter your customer ID when filling in the order form, you will directly see which discounts you will get. For more information see Discounts