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Ethereum hard-fork, created by opponents of several changes, which were performed to the original Ethereum. The opponents marked the changes as unfair and offending the original currency principles, and started building their 'purer' currency variation.

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Ethereum klasik

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Market capitalization:
1.02 mld. USD 
Total market value of all currency units in circulation.
Represents currency's strength and success.
1 ETC = 3.92 EUR
24,- EUR

Ethereum classic was created as a hard-fork from Ethereum. Thus, just like Ethereum, it is a network for running 'smart contracts', which is a concept that supposedly has a huge future. It enables to conclude contracts and trades in fully decentralized environment, independent from governments and central banks.

Ethereum classic separated from original Ethereum in the moment, when a majority of Ethereum operators decided on certain changes in essentials of the network protocol because of recent network's problems. Such change of rules in the running system, although justified by improving protection from attacks, meant - according to the Ethereum classic founders - abandoning of original ideals, according to which the contracts, once put into the network, should stay 'forever', unchangably and untamperably, and no interest group shall be allowed to change the system's rules on the go.

According to the Ethereum classic manifest, the main goal of ETC is to run a platform for decentralized, uncontrolled and uncontrollable contracting, without the ability of individuals or groups to influence the 'rules of the game'. This way, a counterpoint to the current financial world, which is prone to corruption, shall be achieved. The only justification for the network's protocol changes shall be fixing bugs, but otherwise, the network shall remain 'as it is', without any change, and without possibility for any individual or group opinion or lobbying to influence the rules. Otherwise, that would defy the original principals, upon which Ethereum had been created.

Unlike Ethereum, Ethereum classic wants to limit the total number of coins to 210-220 millions, so that opportunities for inflation are limited, and so that future growth of currency value is ensured.

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