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Ethereum is not only a cryptocurrency. It is an 'engine', running a breakthrough platform for 'smart contracts'. The smart contracts enable concluding and executing contracts in a fully decentralized fashion, which is a concept with potentially huge impacts for the future.

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Market capitalization:
20.84 mld. USD 
Total market value of all currency units in circulation.
Represents currency's strength and success.
1 mETH = 0.001 ETH
1 mETH = 0.08 EUR
20,- EUR

Many consider Ethereum to be a successor of Bitcoin, but with huger potential, which could replace Bitcoin soon. Ethereum - just like Bitcoin - is fully decentralized, and so out of control of any governments, powerful companies or individuals. It is not prone to inflation a the demand for it is expected to grow in future, for the following reasons:

  • Ethereum is an ideal tool for realization of microtransactions between things, connected to the internet - the so-called 'concept of internet of things' (IoT), which is being discussed intensively these days. The demand for a platform, that would enable this kind of transactions, is supposed to grow enormously in the near future, and with it possibly also the value of Ethereum
  • Ethereum enables running 'smart contracts', which is again a concept, to which very bright future is predicted. It enables concluding contracts of any number of parties, for any time period, without anyone in person taking care of the contract to execute - the network will handle this. Ethereum contracts are immutable and impossible to falsify or tamper in any way. The Ethereum coins are kind of 'fuel', enabling these smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain to be executed.
  • Recently, dozens of giant companies like BP, Microsoft, BNY Mellon JP Morgan, ING, Deloitte and others have created 'The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance', which is supposed to support creation of industry standards for building businesses based on Ethereum. This support is a big warranty that Ethereum is by no means a 'bubble', unlike many other cryptocurrencies, but conversely, that this is surely a breakthrough technology with great future.

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