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One of the cryptocurrencies characterized by ability of instant payments and fast consensus reaching process. Dash is not only a cryptocurrency. It represents a 'decentralized autonomous organisation' (DAO).

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Market capitalization:
1.30 mld. USD 
Total market value of all currency units in circulation.
Represents currency's strength and success.
1 mDASH = 0.001 DASH
1 mDASH = 0.06 EUR
20,- EUR

Dash is acronym for 'Digital Cash'. Its creators claim it to be 'revolutionary system of digital currency'.

Unlike with Bitcoin, transactions with Dash are almost instant, until one second (transferring Bitcoins takes even dozens of minutes).

Dash is an autonomous organisation. It enables any member of the network to bring about proposals on what the organisation should do, and upon getting enough of consent from other members and enough resources, the proposal can actually realise. This includes not only proposals on development of the currency and network itself, but also other community activities like marketing. Apart from that, ten percent of the network's resources are automatically dedicated to currency and network development, which surely is promising for the future.

Dash is planning to become cryptocurrency that is easy to use for common population - which frankly, no other cryptocurrency has achieved so far. But Dash has set this explicitly as one of its main goals and their development activities actually really go that way (for exmample their development of their own mobile app).

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