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Bitcoin Cash is a 'clone' of Bitcoin, which was created by deliberate splitting of the Bitcoin community because of disagreement with alleged reduction in decentralization and democratic character of Bitcoin. In just three months, it became the third largest cryptocurrency of the world.

Price chart Bitcoin Cash (ABC) (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (ABC)

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Market capitalization:
7.68 mld. USD 
Total market value of all currency units in circulation.
Represents currency's strength and success.
1 mBCH = 0.001 BCH
1 mBCH = 0.09 EUR
20,- EUR

Bitcoin Cash's goal is to overtake the world's number one cryptocurrency, from which it separated - Bitcoin - and to become the most commonly used crypto in the world. And they surely had a good start in this. The currency's development is focused on its speed and low transaction costs, both attributes being naturally expected from the world's number one currency, while being probably the two biggest problems of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash was created as a 'hard fork' from Bitcoin in August 2017, as a reaction to Bitcoin growing more and more cumbersome and as a way to lower the transaction costs and improve their speed. A group of developers did not agree with the way the majority of developers wanted to solve these issues and decided to bring about their own solution. They wanted a solution that would keep emphasising the original values the cryptocurrency was built upon: strict decentralisation and democratic character of the system. The so-called 'Segwit2x', which had been previously approved by the community for further Bitcoin development, wanted to make transactions faster at the expense of these values (in a way), by taking parts of data out of blockchain. Bitcoin Cash founders strongly disagreed with this and decided to go their own way, preserving the 'on-chain' approach (i.e. all transaction data being approved directly 'on the blockchain').

Besides that, Bitcoin Cash brings a couple of technological bells and whistles (e.g. adaptable algorithm for mining difficulty modifications, or safer transaction signatures), which give it certain technological advantage over Bitcoin. On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash lacks trust of investors and his capitalization thus lags behind that of Bitcoin. In spite of that, the value of Bitcoin Cash climbed very close to that of Bitcoin in November 2017, so we can be sure, Bitcoin Cash will remain a tough rival for Bitcoin and an interesting alternative for investors.

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