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Bitcoin is the first, oldest and most famous of all cryptocurrencies. It has already been accepted as legal tender in several countries. In short time periods its value fluctuates, but from the long perspective it grows constantly.

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Market capitalization:
112.21 mld. USD 
Total market value of all currency units in circulation.
Represents currency's strength and success.
1 mBTC = 0.001 BTC
1 mBTC = 3.41 EUR
21,- EUR

Bitcoin was created in 2009 and since than it has enabled to thousands of people all around the world to become billionaires. Bitcoin de-facto created the whole new industry of cryptocurrencies and decentralized systems and organizations. Cryptocurrencies based on Bitcoin are neither controlled by any government or central bank, nor by any giant multinational company. In this aspect, it can be compared to cash, but being emitted not by central bank, but 'by people, for the people, all around the world'. Bitcoin is inflation-proof (thus maintaining its value) and when treated right, also theft-proof. In this lies the enormous power of cryptocurrencies concept.

Bitcoin enables so-called 'pseudonymous' holding and transfers of currency. This means, that in order to hold Bitcoin, you do not have to reveal your identity - in this respect, it resembles cash (and differs from banking accounts and cards). The purchase of Bitcoin is in theory fully anonymous - you do not have to reveal any personal information. However, holding of Bitcoins can under certain circumstances become 'pseudonymous', because once someone finds out, that a certain Bitcoin address belongs to you, suddenly anyone will be able to find out how much money you have at that address, what address you got it from and what address you send them to. That is because information about each wallet's balance and transaction is stored in so called 'blockchain', which is a public ledger, distributed on thousands of computers all around the world - therefore, nobody in the world has enough power to influence blockchain and tamper with the data (and wallet balances and transactions).

The blockchain, as an invention that emerged together with Blockchain, has set a de-facto industry standard for creating all kinds of cryptocurrencies and distributed applications - every other cryptocurrency either works directly on blockchain, or on a kind of blockchain derivation.

Bitcoin's pseudonymity is however not something to be seriously afraid of - Bitcoins are commonly purchased in such way, that a new address is generated for every Bitcoin purchase. With every purchase, you become owner of new and new addresses with balances (something like having several wallets in the physical world). Your total wealth and investments will thus not be revealed until someone finds out a list of ALL your Bitcoin addresses.

How the purchase works

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  • enter your wallet's address, or let us create one for you
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  • you receive payment instructions by e-mail
  • in case you use our wallet:
    • you receive "ownership certificate"
    • you can immediately check your balance directly on blockchain
    • your cryptocurrency arrives until 24 hours (mostly within a couple of hours)
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make payment

  • after we receive your payment you will receive your "private key", which "unlocks" your wallet and lets you make transfers
  • after you download your key, the wallet is fully under your control and is deleted from our system
  • if you used your own wallet, the cryptocurrency is transferred right after we receive your payment

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